Facial Treatments

Standard Treatment

  • Skin cleansing, peeling, massage, mask by skin type, cream by skin type. 1h 15 min; from £65

Perfect Skin No 1

  • This treatment will calm and sooth dry and sensitive skin while nourishing it. 1h 15 min; £65

Perfect Skin No 2

  • Treatment nourishes skin with essential minerals and hydration to reveal softer, more supple skin. Suitable for combination skin type. 1h 15 min; £65

Deluxe Advance

  • Anti-ageing treatment for skin age 50+. It recovers skin’s ability to self-repair. Restores optimal elasticity and firmness. 1h 30 min;  £75

Oil Clean Facial Treatment

  • Suitable for oily, combination and acne prone skin. Visible reduction of pore size, redness and inflammations. Could be used with high frequency machine to speed up spots healing. Includes optional extraction. 1h 15 min;  £65

Absolute Fusion

  • Hydration, nutrition and protection- essential pillars for healthy skin, all in one treatment. Suitable for all skin types, for both men and women. 1h 15 min;  £65

Men Facial Treatment

  • This relaxing facial treatment is suitable for all skin types. Eliminates toxins and imperfections. Enjoy clean, glowing and refreshed skin. 1h 15 min; £60

Skin Peel 3F

  • Deep exfoliation with triple action results: rejuvenation, de-pigmenting, balancing of oily skin. Course of treatments helps to dismiss fine lines appearance. Includes optional deep extraction. 1h 15 min; £65

Chemical Peel

  • Chemical peeling that effectively combines glycolic acid and lactobionic acid. Skin is renewed, wrinkles are smoothed and skin blemishes are eliminated, while the skin becomes bright and smooth. Face £75; Face & Neck £85; Face, Neck & Décolleté £95

Radio Frequency Firming Treatment

  • Bipolar RF treatment stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and reticulin. Noticeable result after the first treatment. 30/60 min; £52; +face mask & eye peel-off mask £75

Eye and Lips Treatment

  • A complete treatment for youthful looking eyes and lips. Complementary application of face mask is included. 40-50 min; £75